The Non-Prophet’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare

The Non-Prophet’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare

Bestselling author and illustrator Todd Hampson gets to the heart of your questions about spiritual battles, angels, demons, the nature of evil, and more! With Todd’s signature combination of light-hearted illustrations and thoughtful application of Scripture, this handbook is both easy to understand and deeply informative. The Non-Prophet’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare will give you the resources you need to champion spiritual battles, while inspiring you to dive deeper into God’s Word so you can equip yourself with truth.

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Module 3
  • Mark Hitchcock

    “We need to know the real source of the battle and our resources in order to stand strong. This book answers that need in a biblical, clear, thorough, engaging style and format that will instruct and encourage you.”

    Mark Hitchcock

  • Terry James

    “This is a battle strategy manual for not only standing in defense of the gospel, but a tremendous offensive tool in overcoming the devil and his minions–demonic and human.”

    Terry James

  • Jeff Kinley

    “Todd Hampson takes you on an eye-opening adventure behind the curtain separating the physical from the spiritual. He then masterfully equips you with everything you need to defeat the enemy and win the battle through Christ’s power!”

    Jeff Kinley